Indiana Non-Public Education Association Accountability Position Statement


The Indiana Non-Public Education Association (INPEA) supports the concept that schools should be accountable. Accountability though, does not equate to regulation or testing.  INPEA believes a school’s accountability is defined by its obligations to its primary stakeholders, the parents.


INPEA affirms that a non-public school is first accountable to its parents. If parents choose to enroll their student in a non-public school, they have the expectation that their children will receive a high quality and well-rounded education that fits into and is in accordance with the school’s mission. INPEA believes that education starts at home. Parents should be actively involved with the school in their child’s education.


Schools may also choose to participate in programs that require additional accountability which could include state and federal programs, or accreditation. In Indiana, many non-public schools choose to participate in Indiana choice programs. While INPEA recognizes that the Indiana Department of Education may require accountability measures from these participating schools, we defend our schools’ independence and strive to balance accountability and autonomy.


Accountability is a critical component of ensuring that students are educated and prepared after they complete schooling, and INPEA believes non-public schools can achieve that by providing the best possible quality education to its students while protecting its own mission and independence.


INPEA Board of Directors

Reviewed by Communication Committee: January 27, 2017

Content approved by Board of Directors: February 13, 2017