This is a space where teachers, administrators, and other education professionals participating in the Catapult Pilot can come together to discuss ideas and share resources.




On My Way Pre-K Program

Applications are now available for eligible Pre-K providers and families interested in participating in the Pre-K pilot program in Allen, Lake, Marion and Vanderburgh counties.

For general information on the On My Way Pre-K Program, please visit the FSSA’s webpage:

Information for Eligible Providers:

Grants are available for centers, ministries, public schools, private schools and charter schools in Allen, Jackson, Lake, Marion and Vanderburgh counties. Please see the link above for more information.

Information for Families:

List of approved Pre-K accrediting bodies (both those approved by FSSA and by ISBOE):

Regional Legislative Engagement Liaison Training Sessions

INPEA will be presenting regional legislative liaison training sessions for anyone interested in connecting our parents and community with the upcoming legislative session (Pastors, Administrators, School Council/Board Members, Parents).

  • November 11, 2014 – Evansville
  • November 17, 2014 – Fort Wayne
  • November 18, 2014 – Indianapolis
  • November 25, 2014 – Kokomo
  • December 1, 2014 – New Albany
  • December 9, 2014 – South Bend
  • December 10, 2014 – Merrillville
  • December 15, 2014 – Indianapolis

Please email Rose Soliven ( for more information about specific training sessions.

Download the slides from this session

John’s INPEC Not-To-Miss List

1. Alan November and Gary McGuey’s keynote and breakout sessions are worth the price of registration if you just attend those four sessions. Check out their video clips here. Who doesn’t want to develop a culture of teaching and learning AND be an “Inspirational Teacher”?

Creating a New Culture of Teaching and Learning Alan November
The Inspirational Teacher Gary McGuey

2. After evaluations from INPEC 2012 saying that Brian Faught should be a keynoter, we had to make sure he was invited back for 2014!

Just Do The Right Thing Brian Faught

3. Ann Anzalone, one of my favorite speakers on differentiation, is back for her third INPEC and doing two sessions that are not to be missed.

Active Learning with the Brain in Mind Ann Anzalone
In the Digital Age Ann Anzalone

4. Kathy Mears, a long-time INPEA friend (who was program chair for INPEC 2010), will be speaking on 21st Century Schools. Kathy has gone from making an impact in Indiana to doing the same thing at the national level. Welcome back!

21st Century Schools Kathy Mears

5. Tom Clark has been presenting his practical Math sessions at INPEC for a number of years. This year he is doing 3 sessions! Check them out!

Teaching Mathematics as a Language: What Gets Lost in the Translation? Tom Clark
Can You Really Teach Story-Problems? And Why Would You Want To? Tom Clark
High School Math, the Final Frontier: Tying It All Together with Critical Thinking Tom Clark

6. Dr. Brad Oliver, of Indiana Wesleyan University and who also serves on the Indiana State Board of Education, will bring his passion for leadership development to his session.

Unleashing Your Influence Brad Oliver

7. Interested in some great literacy-based sessions? Check this session out:

Allow Me to Introduce Cheryl Blackmon & Joanne Sellers Barbee

8. Jeff Mattner from ACSI will be presenting for the first time at INPEC on the topic of staying focused on mission!

Staying on Course with Your True North Jeff Mattner

9. Lots of great technology sessions! Try this one out!

Emerging Technologies in Education Jennifer LaMaster & JD Ferries-Rowe

10. Been hearing lots about Seclusion and Restraint? Learn more from CPI!

The Safest Restraints Are Those You Avoid: Creating an Environment To Do So Dr. Randolph M. Boardman

11. Catapult’s Todd McIntire will talk about his school turnaround experience and its applicability to schools struggling with low student performance.

Winning the A-F Game: Change Management for School Improvement Todd McIntire

12. Check out INPEA’s NEW Best Practice Networking Sessions. Come and bring something to share!

Differentiation in Assessment/Grading Practices
Having Success for Our ELL students
Sharing in the Arts, Music, Physical Education and Foreign Languages 
Student Leadership
Early Childhood Learning Centers
1:1 Initiatives

13. Need to focus on Special Education? Check out these sessions!

Navigating the Special Education Roadmap Becky Bowman & Michelle Doyle
ABCs of Special Education Joan McCormick
Strengths and Strategies for Learning Differences Kara Bratton

14. Check out INPEA Board Members:

Evaluating the Faculty Meeting – How to Maximize the Time Together  Daryl Hagan
Am I Becoming a Teacher of Quality? Jon Mielke

15. I love Legos. How about you? Check out Ivery Toussant’s two sessions.

Get Your Students Engaged and Motivated to Read and Write with LEGO Ivery Toussant
Teaching Simple Machines, Force and Motion using LEGO Ivery Toussant

INPEA Twitter Competition

twitterIn part to celebrate our 40th anniversary and to build our electronic community prior to INPEC, we’re having a contest WITH PRIZES! The first 40 INPEA member schools to get 100% of their administration and faculty following INPEA on Twitter @INPEA_Voice (and don’t forget to follow us with your school’s Twitter account as well) will get up to three FREE INPEC Registrations.

Staff size 1-10 …… 1 Registration
Staff size 11-25 …… 2 Registrations
Staff size 26 + …… 3 Registrations

When your school reaches 100%, just send your list of staff and their Twitter handles to We will then give you information on how to redeem your free registrations or how we will reimburse you if you have already registered.

Thanks for helping us grow our electronic learning community!

Congratulations to our winners!

  1. St. Wendel School in Wadesville
  2. St. Philip Catholic School in Mt. Vernon

Counties Selected for Pre-K Pilot Program

On July 22, 2014, Governor Mike Pence announced that Allen, Jackson, Lake, Marion and Vanderburgh counties have been selected for the pre-K pilot program which will help prepare low-income four-year-olds for success in school.

The program funds services delivered via accredited private schools, public schools and community based early education providers who have achieved Level 3 or Level 4 in Paths to QUALITY™, Indiana’s voluntary child care quality rating and improvement system.

The program remains on track to launch in early 2015.

For more information, read Governor Pence’s media release.

Indiana Academic Standards

In April 2014, the Indiana State Board of Education approved the adoption of new standards for English/Language Arts and Mathematics. These new standards are the result of a process designed to identify, evaluate, synthesize, and create high-quality, rigorous standards for Indiana students.

The most up-to-date standards and resources for all subjects, including the new 2014 standards for English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, World Languages, and WIDA, can be accessed here on the IDOE website.

The Inspirational Teacher by Gary McGuey

the inspirational teacherI just finished reading The Inspirational Teacher by Gary McGuey and Lonnie Moore and couldn’t help but wish I would have had this resource many years ago when I accepted my first teaching position. The quotes alone were inspirational to me, and I am someone who has been in education for close to thirty years. Educators will find Gary and Lonnie’s book a wonderful resource, whether in the first year or 30th year of teaching. The first part of the book gives a step-by-step process for creating your own personal mission statement and a classroom mission statement. The authors make it a simple and painless exercise, and essential for creating the climate necessary to begin the school year.

As an educator, my hope was to always inspire students beyond the curriculum.  I constantly strived to build those relationships with all of my students and to reach my goal of being an inspirational teacher. Even today, I can look back and name two or three teachers that truly inspired me. That’s not very many, considering I’ve had close to a hundred teachers in my lifetime. The Inspirational Teacher is a wonderful guide and resource for giving all educators the opportunity to be inspirational to students through modeling, respecting, listening and relationship building.

Modeling will have a greater positive impact than anything else in a student’s school life.” ~ Gary McGuey Gary McGuey

Gary McGuey will be one of the keynote speakers at Indiana Non-Public Education Conference (INPEC) this October, #INPEC2014.

Have you read this book or any of Gary McGuey’s other works? Please feel welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section of this blog post!

Post written by Mary McCoy, Archdiocese of Indianapolis