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What people are saying about INPEA

December 12th 2017

For years now INPEA has been the strongest, most consistent and greatest advocate for students, teachers and families in our state’s non-public schools.   INPEA does what no other organization in the state can do – it not only represents the diversity that exists in our state’s non-public schools; it connects that diversity in a manner that results in opportunities that help support and further the diverse missions that exist in our non-public schools.”

– Chuck Weisenbach, Principal, Roncalli High School, Indianapolis


“INPEA plays a key role in the support and promotion of Indiana’s non-public schools.  The organization provides valuable resources for non-public school administrators and teachers to ensure they are providing a quality education to all students.  As a liaison to public schools, they help Indiana schools, public and non-public, work together for the common good of our students.”

– Tad Dickel, President, Mater Dei High School, Evansville


“The Indiana Nonpublic Education Association is great!  Through the efforts of INPEA many legislative initiatives have become law.  These laws support our schools and more importantly our students.  INPEA’s work has increased educational opportunities for students across the state. INPEA advocates for students, as well as nonpublic schools. They are an exemplary model of collaboration among groups of people who are working to serve children.”

– Kathy Mears, Former Assistant Superintendent, Archdiocese of Indianapolis


“The advocacy of INPEA is critical to our schools, especially in this climate of reform.  The conferences for administrators and teachers provide valuable experiences that are not provided through any other organization.”

– Dr. Marie Williams, Principal, Reitz Memorial High School


“Cathedral High School, along with many other fine non-public schools, has benefited greatly from and has valued the relationship with INPEA. The group was instrumental in lobbying for Choice Scholarships (Vouchers), and the follow-up with our school and with others through the initial phases of implementation of that program has been nothing less than stellar. This ranged from email communication to web-based conferences, but it even included a personal visit by John Elcesser to meet with our Board of Directors to explain the program and its implications for non-public schools such as ours. The partnership between Cathedral and INPEA has been powerful thus far, and we expect to see much growth so that we can continue to serve young people and their families well for years to come!”

– Dave Worland, Principal and Duane Emery, Director of Admissions
Cathedral High School, Indianapolis


“As a secondary principal at a private Christian school that decided to accept Indiana’s School Choice Scholarships, I relied heavily on INPEA to guide me.  John and Susan were only a phone call away and answered many questions for me as our school developed our processes.  Additionally, INPEA held a valuable conference regarding School Choice Scholarships in September 2011.  The organization is informed, proactive, communicates well, and offers top-notch assistance and professional development opportunities for its members. Thanks, John and Susan!”

– Amy Conrad, Former Secondary Principal, Liberty Christian Schools