Facts and Stats

Snapshot of Non-Public Education in Indiana

The number of non-public schools in Indiana (close to 900 serving students from grade K to 12) is large, despite its relatively small population. This reflects the rural character of the state and the small size of most schools.


Because of the rural nature of the state, there are limited options in most counties. 65% of Indiana’s 92 counties have no or very limited choice.

  • 15 counties have no non-public school available
  • 17 counties have only 1 school, if preschools and Amish schools are not considered
  • 28 counties have only 2 – 4 schools
  • 5 counties account for 46% of the K – 12 schools
    • Marion, Allen, St. Joseph, Lake and Elkhart

Distribution of IN Non-Pub Schools Graphic

School type

Elementary /middle school         395
High School/ middle school         70
K – 12 schools                           165
Preschools                                 135

State accredited                         200
Freeway                                       90