2017 FSSA and INPEA Webinar on On My Way Pre-K


Equitable Services to Non-Pubs and an Overview of Changes in ESSA Webinar
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Posted 6/8/17


Request for Waiver of Penalty for Loss of Instructional Day


Safe School Resources
Below are resources that IDOE’s Indiana School Safety Specialist Academy provides to schools. Some of the information is password protected as it should be for access by School Safety Specialist.

In partnership with Indiana educators and local law enforcement, Indiana State Police provide various trainings throughout Indiana. These sessions help schools and law enforcement agencies establish partnerships necessary for coordinating a unified response to various incidents.
• School Walk-Through Initiative; State Police initiative prompting Troopers to provide safety presentations and visit the schools during school hours. More information available online:

• Unarmed Response to Active Shooter Program; State Police created a program including a PowerPoint, lesson plan, presenter notes, and videos featuring active shooter scenarios in classroom and school bus settings. Designed to assist School Safety Specialists in presenting active shooter staff development training, this resource is available online:


IDHS implements the Secured School Safety Grant Program, providing matching grants to schools to employ a School Resource Officer, conduct threat assessments, or purchase equipment to restrict access or expedite notification of first responders. Grant information is available online:


ICJI implements the Indiana Safe School Fund, which ultimately funds the School Safety Specialist Academy. ICJI also implements the Safe Haven Grant, providing matching grants to schools to employ a School Resource Officer, purchase equipment and materials used to enhance the safety, and to provide educational outreach regarding bullying intervention/prevention strategies. Grant information is available online:


INSROA is the Indiana branch of the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO). Every summer, INSROA hosts a statewide training available to law enforcement and educators and provides Basic/Advanced SRO courses throughout the year. Membership and training information are available online:


IACOP is a professional association designed to promote professionalism, training and networking for law enforcement executives and to enhance public awareness of law enforcement and public safety issues. Each year IACOP provides a School Resource Officer certification course. Membership and training information are available online:
Posted 5/30/17


ACSI and INPEA Webinar: Recording
Mentioned documents:
Child Protection Index and FAQ
Sample Accountability Report Card (Requires IDOE credentials)
Posted 6/8/16


7 Myths of School Choice: Online and Printable PDF


Federal Programs Training Webinars
Title I: Recording and documents mentioned: Ensuring Equitable Services to Private School Children: A Title I Resource Tool Kit and Title I Services to Eligible Private School Children, Non-Regulatory Guidance

IDEA (Special Education): Recording and documents mentioned: PowerPoint

Consultation: Recording
Posted 5/27/16


Federal Programs Training: Steve Perla Presentation (ESEA/ESSA), Thomas Olson Presentation (ESEA/ESSA), and Dana Long Presentation (Article 7).
Posted 02/03/16 


Choice Scholarship Updated Rules: Rules WebsiteClarification, and Submit a Public Comment
Posted 09/28/15


Proposed Diploma Changes: Diploma Guidelines
Posted 08/12/15


On My Way PreK and Non-Public Schools: Webinar and OMW PowerPoint
Posted 7/27/15


Seclusion and Restraint Plan:
SEA 345
Commission on Seclusion and Restraint in Schools Proposed Rules (posted 6/24/14)
Seclusion and Restraint Plan – Non-Public Version
Seclusion and Restraint Incident Report – School Copy
Seclusion and Restraint Incident Report – Parent Copy
Seclusion and Restraint Training Plan
Commission on Seclusion and Restraint website
Commission on Seclusion and Restraint Video Training Series
Proposed emergency rules
For the slides and recording of the Seclusion and Restraint Plan Webinar presented on 5/6/14 and 5/7/14, please visit our Webinars page.


Special Education Voucher Program:
CSEP Template
CSEP Accommodations Checklist
CSEP Goals and Objectives Worksheet
For information about Special Education Voucher Program Webinar presented by INPEA and IDOE Special Education Office 4/9/14, please visit our Webinars page.


Indiana WIDA Account Memo (posted 12/16/14)
WIDA Assessment and Accountability Guidance (posted 12/16/14)
For the recording of the WIDA Webinar presented by INPEA and IDOE 12/15/14, please visit our Webinars page.