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12 Speakers You Won’t Want to Miss at INPEC 2021

July 28th 2021

1. Jon Gordon
Based on his international and Wall Street Journal best-selling book “The Energy Bus”, our keynote speaker, Jon Gordon presents a powerful roadmap to overcome common life and work obstacles and bring out the best in yourself and those around you. Everyone faces challenges and every person, organization, school, and teacher will have to overcome negativity and adversity to define themselves and create their success. Whether you are a leader looking to build a positive culture, a teacher trying to energize and engage your students or someone who desires to enhance your productivity and performance, this keynote talk will help you create more success and enjoy the ride of your life.

2. Gerry Brooks
We’re bringing Gerry to Indianapolis as a keynote speaker because he’s frankly so incredibly fun to listen to! He’ll focus on personal climate and culture and being the best you can be no matter what position you hold in education. He has a following of almost 1.8 million followers on social media where he shares frequent videos from the principal and educator’s perspective. If you’re not following him already, what are you waiting for?

3. Dr. Lori Desautels
Her passion is engaging her students through neuroscience as it applies to education by integrating “Mind Brain Teaching” learning principles and strategies into her coursework at Butler.

4. Ann Anzalone
Ann is a dynamic teacher specializing in teaching current brain-based research, brain growth and development, and effective learning. Her mission is to teach so that others may learn. She teaches graduate classes, works with school districts throughout the country, and maintains a private practice. Her breakouts are always packed every year she comes back!

5. Jim Van Allan
Jim will be using his breakout session to expand on Jon Gordon’s bestselling book, “The Energy Bus”. He shares a compelling roadmap to overcome adversity and challenges and how to bring out the best in yourself and others. Jim is a Professor of Speech Communication at Keiser University near West Palm Beach, FL. He serves as the Teaching and Learning Center Coordinator at the university where he helps students develop better test-taking and study habits and encourages instructors to be more effective communicators and to develop relationships with students and colleagues.

6. Cathy Tooley
Another return INPEC speaker who always gets great reviews, Cathy is an author/consultant/trainer focusing on academic and professional trainings. She utilizes her strategies to learn and grow individuals, companies, and schools. In her 30 years in education, she has experience from the teacher’s desk to the principal’s chair and will be speaking to INPEC attendees about PLCs and classroom walk throughs.

7. Pamela Perrino
For all our early childhood educators, we didn’t forget about you! We’re bringing in an awesome speaker in Pamela Perrino to talk about Developmentally Appropriate Practice and how to support and enhance your early childhood program. She’s passionate about this topic and will be a great resource for those who educate little ones!

8. Joy Roberts
Joy is the co-founder of one of our newest business partners, Friendzy. They do social emotional learning programs to fit schools’ unique needs (religions and secular). We asked Joy to come speak to social emotional needs as it relates to the after effects of the pandemic. She’ll provide some great insights into cultivating resilience, combatting learning loss, and speaking life into your students.

9. Joseph Barsanti
Since technology is becoming more and more important in education every day, our 21st Century Schooling learning strand at INPEC should pique your interest. Joseph Barsanti will be joining us from Marian University to talk about how they use virtual reality and student avatars to hone teaching skills. We’re excited to see this one!

10. IDOE staffers
Take advantage of the rare opportunity to learn and ask questions from several key experts in the same room! They’ll touch on many of the key state issues impacting non-public schools in Indiana including assessment, accountability and more.

11. Scott and Tammy Barron
Scott and Tammy are the founders of School Growth, LLC, an international education strategy company. School leaders from all over will gain an incredible amount of helpful tips from their breakouts in understanding enrollment growth and creating a more comprehensive strategic plan. There’s always room for improvement in how we run our schools!

12. Jennifer Hornyak
We’re bringing Jennifer to Indiana all the way from the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston because she’s THAT good! She always has the best ideas and tips for using technology in a new way, and her breakout at this year’s INPEC is no different. She’ll be talking about creating your own “bitmoji classroom” in Google Slides as a more interactive experience with students.