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Are You Ready to Stand Up for School Choice?

March 2nd 2023

Last week was an exciting one for school choice as HB 1001 and HB 1591 passed the House. If they pass in the Senate, both would expand access to the Choice Scholarship and Tax Credit Scholarship Programs for more Hoosier families. HB 1001, the House Budget, contained the choice expansions including eliminating pathways and increasing the income eligibility to 400% of FRL for both the Choice Scholarship and Tax Credit Scholarship Programs. It also includes increases to state tuition support which will also impact the 90% voucher amounts. HB 1591 fixes the birthdate eligibility and fees language and expands the use of SGO funds of Pre-K. These changes will be transformational for many Hoosier families but these expansions will face much greater resistance in the Senate. We will need our non-pub community to come together and speak up in support of these bills as they make their way through the Senate. 

Here is what you can do to get ready to speak up in support of these school choice expansions. 

  1. Review our MythBuster document and familiarize yourself with the common arguments critics use to challenge school choice. We need our non-pub community to be prepared to speak out against these misconceptions. 
  2. Understand the facts about Choice and Accountability. School choice critics in the Senate are focused on a perceived lack of accountability in non-public schools. Let’s educate them on what is really happening. 
  3. Make sure you are following us on social media so you are staying abreast of action alerts, podcast episodes, and other legislative updates. 
  4. If you live in the Fort Wayne, South Bend, or Evansville areas, register to attend one of our school choice rallies:
    1. Fort Wayne Rally: 3/16 at Bishop Dwenger High School Register Here
    2. South Bend Rally: 3/21 at Saint Joseph High School Register Here
    3. Evansville Rally: 4/3 at Good Shepherd School Register Here