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INPEC 2023 Call for Presentations Now Open!

January 9th 2023

INPEC 2023 Call for Presentations Due February 10, 2023! 

Continuous learning and professional development are extremely important for educators in
non-public schools to ensure that our students receive the highest quality education possible.
Have you experienced recent success with an idea or process that would help educators? We
need you to help us provide exciting, informative and motivating programming for the 2023
Indiana Non-Public Educators’ Conference on October 26-27, 2023.

We are looking for 30, 60, and 90-minute programs on topics related to our nine learning strands:

Leadership – This strand will discuss the opportunities and challenges of school
leadership. These include creating opportunities for the sharing of knowledge,
influencing real-life changes in how our staff and students view life-long learning and
creating strategies that develop and promote a shared vision.
Early Learning – These sessions will promote high-quality early learning for all
young children by focusing on presentations that include early childhood practice,
policy and research. All young children should have the opportunity to learn in an
environment committed to ensuring they reach their full potential.
The Science of Reading – Sessions in this strand will present instructional and
assessment practices aligned with research in reading science. These will include
practical strategies that can be implemented to provide effective instruction in the
areas of phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and
Universal Design/Special Education – Sessions in this strand will focus on how to
design the learning environment and activities so that all students can be
successful. These topics cover meeting the needs of learners who benefit from specially
designed instruction while also placing value on each student’s strengths and abilities.
Effective Instructional Practices – These sessions will focus on innovative best
practice in the classroom. Attendees will experience a wide range of individual
activities and approaches that are research-based practices and improve student
performance. Presentations may include teaching a balanced and integrated
curriculum, differentiating instruction to meet individual needs and providing active
learning opportunities for students to internalize learning.
All Things Indiana – Initiatives put forth by the Indiana General Assembly, State
Board of Education and the Indiana Department of Education often also affect nonpublic schools. Sessions in this strand will focus on educational trends specific to
Indiana, including accountability, graduation pathways and post K-12 success.
Supporting Student and Staff Wellness – Student and staff wellness enhances the
ability to integrate skills, attitudes and behaviors in the daily life as well as deal
effectively and ethically with everyday tasks and challenges. These sessions will discuss
topics that provide students and staff with experiences, expressions and management
of mindsets that establish positive and rewarding relationships with others.
Innovations in Education – Schools are preparing students for unknown future
opportunities. How are our schools adapting methods and programs that challenge
students for what their futures will bring? Technology has impacted nearly every aspect
of education. Sessions will explore how schools can adapt to the needs of the future,
including the constantly evolving world of educational technology.
The Business of Schooling – The sustainability of non-public schools depends on
sound financial planning, institutional advancement, ongoing facilities management
and qualified personnel. In order to maintain excellence, schools must ensure viability
by adhering to best practices for operational vitality guided by the mission of their
schools and jurisdictions.

For more information and to learn how to submit a proposal, download the Call for Presentation Form here .