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Literacy and Lattes for Leaders: September 2022

September 1st 2022

Are you a leader trying to sort through the onslaught of information about the “science of reading?”

Marian University’s Center for Vibrant Schools invites leaders to discuss recent Science of Reading Research. These virtual meetings will occur monthly and involve a chance to discuss popular (and short) podcasts, articles, and videos about recent research that leaders can use to leverage literacy learning. This is an informal discussion to learn with each other. Administrators, curriculum leaders, literacy coaches, and teachers are all welcome.

Bring your own lattes!

For questions about this event, please email Anne Elsener at aelsener@marian.edu

Meeting Details

The first meeting will be 8:30-9:30 a.m. on Tuesday Sept. 20.

Meeting link: https://mu.webex.com/m/e34cffb2-f550-41f4-b5ee-cc72e78fc1f5

We will discuss a podcast and article about research on phonics & phonemic awareness instruction by Linnea Ehri.

Podcast: The Reading League Podcast with Linnea Ehri | https://share.transistor.fm/s/4c370215

Article: What Teachers Need to Know and Do to Teach Letter-Sounds, Phonemic Awareness, Word Reading, and Phonics | https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SLk5EcEo2H13AQFN7-ITFPoJgLtZAchE/view?usp=sharing

Why These Texts Were Chosen

Linnea Ehri has made huge contributions to research about how children learn to read. The podcast and article explain especially important research about common misunderstandings about the notion of “sight words” and how readers can effectively learn to decode as they move through phases of reading development. 

How to prepare for the discussion: Listen to the podcast and read the article. Feel free to jot down a few key learnings you took away from the texts to share.