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Remaining Stronger Together Through a Crisis

April 29th 2020

A lot of schools started implementing e-learning days over the past few years mainly to deal with a bad weather day here and there, never knowing they’d have to use them for three months straight due to a pandemic.

We reached out to our INPEA member schools to see how they’ve been coping with their “new normal”, areas they’ve struggled and actions that have been successful for their families. Here’s what we heard:

“A big challenge is to maintain a Christian focus in the worksheets and digital instruction we’re sending out. Bible continues to be a subject. We hope to have an online chapel Friday morning and I’ve been writing parents daily memos with a small meditation and a prayer.”

“I’ve sent postcards to every student, held PD online for teachers, provided live chapel on Facebook weekly, and even had a virtual Spirit Week, all in the attempt to stay connected as a school.”

“Our teachers have stepped up to create meaningful and engaging lessons and we are getting much positive feedback from parents, especially from those that have kids in both our school and local public schools.”

“I’ve recorded daily Morning Gatherings, which include scripture readings and explanations, the Pledge of Allegiance, prayer requests, and school updates. I record a message each morning and students access it through Google Classroom. I do this in hopes that the videos will not only disseminate information, but provide a sense of security and normalcy for our students as they begin each eLearning day.”

“We have been able to provide pretty consistent instruction through the use of Google Meet and Google Classroom.  Our students and families have responded very well and all, school and family, are working together to overcome any challenges that arise.”