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Top 10 Reasons You Have to Attend INPAC 2019

July 24th 2019

Here at INPEA, we work hard to make sure non-public schools are taken into consideration in the state legislature. But what we’re probably best known for around the state is for our high quality professional development.

Every other year, we focus that professional development on non-public school administrators, specifically. This year is no different! We’re extremely proud of the program and offerings during this year’s Indiana Non-Public Administrator’s Conference (INPAC).

10. Instructional Coaching
Instructional leadership is key to any school’s success. Stephanie Hargens and Vanessa Ronketto from Catapult Learning will help administrators reflect on how to use instructional conversations to impact their school culture and ultimately, student achievement.

9. Graduation Pathways Pre-Conference (Keynote and 6 breakouts)
INPAC will start off with pre-conference sessions focused on important information for Indiana high school and elementary school leaders to more effectively prepare for the changes coming quickly with graduation pathways.

8. Social Emotional Learning Competencies and Toolkits – Christy Berger
The Indiana Department of Education’s Assistant Director of Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Wellness will hit on all the hot button issues in Indiana and beyond.

7. Using PLCs – Sandria Morten and Debra Sullivan
Lots of schools have tried Professional Learning Communities (PLC). How do you do it effectively? The focus of this session will be on the role of the school leader in supporting the development of PLCs through creating specific structures and leveraging teachers as leaders. These speakers are coming highly recommended from the Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education at Loyola University Chicago.

6. Digital Harm – Dr. Michelle Drouin
Digital safety is a critical topic for our schools in today’s technology-rich environment. As more and more youth use digital devices, rates of mobile phone addiction, online harassment, and cyber bullying have skyrocketed. Moreover, youth are reporting significant mental health and wellness issues stemming from their online media use. How can we foster appropriate and safe digital technology use among our students and help them develop resiliency to these digital threats? Dr. Drouin is a developmental psychologist and professor at Purdue University Fort Wayne, and an internationally-recognized speaker on the psychology of technology.

5. Legal Issues for Non-Public Schools – Sister Mary Angela Shaughnessy Understanding the current legal issues facing our schools is a must for all non-public school leaders. The law is not always the same for non-public and public schools. Come learn the basics and leave with practical tips for “lawful” education from one of the industries best experts!

4. Indiana Department of Education Panel
Take advantage of the rare opportunity to learn and ask questions from several key experts in the same room! They’ll touch on many of the key state issues impacting non-public schools in Indiana including assessment, accountability and more.

3. Relentless Growth, Ridiculous Routines and Resilient Relationships – Lyle Wells
Lyle is a published author, sought after speaker and valued advisor to leaders in ministry, education, corporations, athletic teams, and non-profit organizations. School leaders, be prepared to be inspired and ready to create your own framework for great relationships and how to build them into your school’s culture.

2. Featured Dinner Speaker – Frank Brogan
A product of private schools, Frank has gone on to create an impressive resume: Teacher, Principal, Superintendent, College President, Lieutenant Governor and now the Assistant Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education at the US Department of Education.

1. Keynoters Billy Riggs and Dr. David Steinberg
They both promise to inform and entertain in their sessions on leadership. Musical instruments and magic might be involved… but you’ll have to come and see for yourself!