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Top 13 Reasons You Can’t Miss #INPEC2018

August 21st 2018

Our biennial Indiana Non-Public Educators Conference is quickly approaching us this fall! Although most of you are registered already, I’m sure, we’ve put together a list of features and sessions below that we recommend you make a priority at this year’s conference. If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up online and we’ll see you October 29 – 30, 2018 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis!


1. Keynoters Rick Wormeli and George Couros
One of the first Nationally Board Certified teachers in America, Rick brings innovation, energy, validity and high standards to his presentations and his teaching. George, a leading educator in innovative leadership, teaching, and learning, is the author of the book, The Innovator’s Mindset; Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity. These guys will no doubt get you to imagine, be inspired and to innovate!

2. QPR: Question, Persuade and Refer
Whitney Nixon and Amy Harger from Community Health Network will be teaching educators how to recognize the warning signs of suicide and know how to offer hope to someone, how to seek help, and save a life. Their extended sessions will address the state requirement around suicide prevention training while you’re at INPEC. Their will be limited seating available at this one and we’ve already heard that demand will be HIGH to attend their sessions!

3. Data Boot Camp
To be a successful school you must use data wisely. Jennifer Kwiatkowski and Daniel Bundridge from EdgED Consulting can help you do just that! They will have an extended session on Monday of our conference because we know their content will be in high demand from attendees.


4. Indiana Department of Education
Don’t miss any of our IDOE speakers throughout INPEC! Just a sample: Nathan Williamson and Brenda Martz will be talking about the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and best practice for non-public schools. Maggie Paino will update everyone on school accountability in Indiana. Dave Woodward, Indiana’s School Safety Guru, will teach everyone the fundamentals of school safety. Dave is known for Indiana’s high quality, nationally recognized safety academy!

5. Graduation Pathways
Learn more about Indiana’s new graduation pathways in sessions in the following sessions:

  • “New Directions: Smart Ways to Navigate Indiana’s Graduation Pathways” by Matt Fleck of Fleck Education
  • “Graduation Pathways: Examining the New Graduation Requirements” by Alicia Kielmovitch and Byron Ernest from the Indiana State Board of Education
  • “REACH-ing for College TO Career Readiness” by Jonathon Maple and Laura Geis from the Oldenburg Academy of the Immaculate Conception

6. Kim Strobel
Kim isn’t just the owner of Strobel Education. She’s its driving force. Her wisdom, positivity and strength inform every aspect—and it shows in the inspiring workshops she presents to teachers who seek to make a difference. She puts herself “in the trenches” with teachers because she was once there herself and knows how important support and encouragement are in creating a successful classroom. Come see Kim during her extended sessions on Growth Mindset and the new “Genius Hour” concept on Tuesday of the conference!


7. Ann Anzalone
Back every year we host INPEC by popular demand, Ann brings great content and active engagement to her sessions on differentiation. She will be leading two different sessions this year, Healing a Brain Exposed to Trauma and Three Secrets of Behavior Management.


8. Amber Reed, Indiana Wesleyan University

Amber is an international speaker on early childhood and will return to INPEC after a great reception from speaking last year at INPAC. She will be talking about a framework for discussing complex issues with young children. If you have younger ages in your school, you’re not going to want to miss Amber’s talk!

9. Jennifer Mitchell
Jennifer will be presenting on the Trauma-Sensitive Classroom, a new hot topic in education. In her 17 years as an educator, Jennifer has been a Special Education Teacher, a Title 1 Director, and is now Assistant Principal at Perry Central Elementary School. She is passionate about education and learning and brings that passion to her sessions with teachers. An optimist by nature, she looks for the best in students and teachers alike and strives to provide the individualized guidance and support they need.


10. Math Extended Session
Are you like everyone else in education right now and need to improve your school’s math performance? Spend an extended session with the Indiana Department of Education’s Jennifer Jensen to get the most out of math teaching for all grade levels. You will learn things you can go back to your classroom and implement immediately!


11. “It May Not Be Your Fault, But It Is Your Problem”
Rob Rash always entertains while addressing hard to handle school conflict issues. Coming from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis Office of Catholic Schools, Rob will be teaching new teachers and administrators how to understand human interactions in a school setting.

12. Lori Desautels
Lori is a very popular speaker from Butler University focusing on early childhood and brain function in learning and development. Come see her extended session on Monday of the conference when she’ll talk about how applied educational neuroscience is a framework and discipline that addresses the neurobiology of stress, regulation, engagement, and connection. This discipline/framework integrates applied educational neuroscience research and strategies to ensure educators are “sitting beside their students in relationship, regulation, and cognition.”


13.Making Your Case for Successful Fundraising”
Are you struggling with effective fund development? Learn ways in which to engage your board, staff, volunteers, and donors in a comprehensive fundraising effort. Don’t miss Bill Stanczykiewicz from IU Fund Raising School!