Why Choose a Non-Public School?

Making the decision about where best to educate your child is one of the most important decisions a parent or guardian makes. Matching what the school offers to the needs of the child is central to the decision. Non-public schools offer a wide array of programs. Learn more by clicking here

What is School Choice?

School Choice provides an educational system that ensures a wide array of options for parents and students. This system creates an environment that motivates students and allows parents to choose the school that best suits their child.  Every child, no matter their financial circumstances, deserves an opportunity to succeed. Learn more.

Premier Business Partner

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INPEA represents…

Over 96,000 students, 400 schools, 7,700 teachers and 12 jurisdictions in Indiana.

As the voice for non-public schools in Indiana, INPEA is at the forefront of all topics affecting non-public education. We take an active part in public policy and societal issues that impact our member schools and their students and teachers. Hoosier parents who believe in non-public schooling want quality education for their children. We provide support and encouragement to member schools and organizations to ensure that the non-public educational opportunities are competitive and comprehensive.