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Our Purpose


The Indiana Non-Public Education Association serves as an advocate, promotes engagement, and strives for the advancement of non-public schools.


The Indiana Non-Public Education Association is recognized as the essential voice advancing excellence and equitable access for all non-public schools in Indiana.

Shared Beliefs

The Indiana Non-Public Education Association

  • promotes the rights of parents to educate their children in the schools of their choice;
  • promotes the vital role of non-public schools in Indiana and their significant contributions to educating young people and creating a better world;
  • promotes the rights of non-public schools to fulfill their unique missions;
  • fosters the participation of the non-public school community in shaping the state’s education agenda, and develops and promotes positions on education policy;
  • advocates the equitable opportunity of non-public school students to participate in appropriate state and federal education programs;
  • and is dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading.