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School Choice Myths and Facts

April 14th 2021

Opposition to expanding private school choice (Voucher program) has four main talking points - NONE of which are true when looking at the scientific research and evidence. MYTH 1:  Choice undermines public school funding and cost taxpayers/ public schools.FACTS: Students who receive a voucher make up 3% of our entire K-12 student population but they [...]

Updated: The ABCs of School Choice

February 23rd 2018

EdChoice has released the 2018 edition of The ABCs of School Choice.   The authors describe the publication as “a comprehensive, data-rich guide to every private school choice program in America.” Click here to learn more.

INPEA Membership Facts and Stats

November 24th 2017

INPEA Mission, Vision, and Shared Values

November 24th 2017

INPEA Mission, Vision, Shared Values (PDF download)

Study: Why Indiana Parents Choose

September 30th 2017

In this 2017 report, “authors Drew Catt and Dr. Evan Rhinesmith examine the responses of Indiana school parents from all sectors to a survey—developed by EdChoice and conducted by Hanover Research—that aims to measure what motivates them to choose schools, their children’s schooling experiences, their awareness of school choice options, their satisfaction levels and goals they […]