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Muncie grandmother chooses better educational future for family

November 20th 2019

Families choose to send their children to non-public schools because of a myriad of reasons. Some choose faith-based schools for their practicing religion. Others choose independent college preparatory schools so their child can get into an elite post-secondary program. Many, however, choose a non-public school because their district school just wasn’t working for them. That’s […]

For an inner city, Latin American community, the voucher program ‘saved lives’

June 25th 2019

When Ernestina Cabral’s son, Alfredo, was old enough to start kindergarten, she enrolled him in their local public school in inner city South Bend, not giving it a second thought. “I didn’t have much money, so it wasn’t like I had any other option than the school down the road,” Cabral said. “But when Alfredo […]

Advocating together: Lafayette non-public schools plan outreach event

March 5th 2019

“We can accomplish more together than we can apart.” It’s a slogan we use at Indiana Non-Public Education Association (INPEA) and something our executive director, John Elcesser, frequently proclaims. It’s why we were founded and how we’ve been able to help non-public schools come together to advocate for themselves around the state. A small group […]

St. Roch teacher, mother advocates for Choice Scholarship Program

February 12th 2019

This originally appeared as a “Letter to the Editor” in the Sunday edition of the Indianapolis Star. St. Roch Catholic School is an INPEA member school. — I am a single mother of three whose children attend St. Roch Catholic School on state vouchers (known as the Indiana Choice Scholarship program). I am troubled by […]